Divorce is hard.

It’s hard on you. Hard on the kids. Hard on your business, hard on your retirement, hard on your bank accounts. 

You didn’t even see it coming. Until she uttered the word “Divorce” you thought you had the perfect life.

You have spent your entire adult life building a masterpiece of a perfect life for you, your wife, and your kids. You built your business from the ground up, moving from carrying debt to seven figure income, living under the ever-impending threat of failure for years until you finally molded the business into a money making machine.

You raised your family, teaching your children common sense and practical skills and guiding them through the difficulties of growing up – peer pressure, bullying, failure, their first heartbreak. You remember their first steps, their first day of school, their first championship, their first homecoming dance.

You built your retirement, making sure you had enough to carry you both comfortably and enjoyably for the rest of your life. You built your dream home, customized for you, for her.

And now Divorce is threatening to ruin it all.

She says you didn’t pay attention to her, didn’t make her feel loved. She’s found someone else that makes her happy. She’s asking you to leave so the kids can stay at their school. On top of tall that, she’s asking for you to pay for the house even though you aren’t living there, and to pay her thousands of dollars every month on top of that!

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Divorce is hard, and your life is going to suck for a while.

This is your life, these are your shoes, and this is your mile that you have to walk.

You will have to navigate your relationship with your children. You will have to figure out how to live on your soon-to-be-divided household income. You will have to dig deep and find it in yourself to carry through this family upheaval and start your new life on the other side.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Just as the Sherpas guide outsiders on their way to the top of Everest, we are here to guide you through your divorce. Through the family upheaval, through the obstacles, to that place on the other side where you can begin building your new life, a fresh start.

Divorce is hard. But you can do it. We’ll help make it easier. Tell us where you want to go. We will fight to get you there.

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