This Package is Ideal for:

  • Couples who get along and can work together toward a resolution.
  • Couples who have reviewed and agreed to terms addressing all the issues identified in our Dissolution Checklist.
  • Couples who do not have complex assets to divide
  • Couples who do not have any issues co-parenting their children.

Our paralegal-assisted dissolution package is for couples who have agreed on all issues in their dissolution, but want to have their Dissolution documents prepared by a law firm instead of doing it by themselves.

The client will communicate with our paralegals and law clerks to submit all the information our firm needs to draft your dissolution documents.

Prior to final submission of all documents to the client, an Attorney will review the Shared Parenting Plan and Separation Agreement for a final sign-off by our firm.

The client will then be responsible for filing the dissolution papers with the court and attending the final hearing.

NOTE: This package is a limited-scope representation and does not include any court appearances by our attorneys, or any negotiations with opposing counsel.

*Price does not include filing fees. Limited to Ohio residents only, open to all Ohio counties.

Please include your contact info below.

We will reach out and determine if Paralegal-Assisted Dissolution is the right fit for you.




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