Divorce is what we do.

If you’re like most people, this is your first divorce case. And just like doing anything for the first time, there is a whole world of uncertainty in front of you. Will I get to see my kids? How will the business be divided? What will spousal support look like? Child support? Will I have to move out? What happens to the retirement accounts?

Divorce is what we do. We do divorce every day and we have handled hundreds of divorce cases. You can read about our firm here.

We have answers to your questions. Many of your initial questions will be answered on this page. We believe that our clients should be fully informed about the law, their case, the opposing counsel, and their options. This is the information age. We aren’t here to bill you by the hour just to tell you information you can find online. We are here to provide intelligent analysis and high level legal advice based on our years of experience working divorce cases.

So read up, soak up some knowledge and level up your understanding of what you’re about to go through. When you are ready for our professional opinion or when you’re ready to move forward with your case, you can Schedule a Consultation or call us at (330) 535-8171.

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