Welcome! We recently acquired draft copies of the 2019 Ohio Child Support Guideline Manual, worksheets, and tables. You can download the documents using the form on this page.

The Guideline Manual is very similar to the instructions form the IRS provides with federal tax return forms. You can use the instructions in the Manual in combination with the worksheets and tables to calculate what your new child support amounts will be under the new Child Support Guidelines that take effect on March 28, 2019.

If your new child support figure is 10% more OR 10% less than your current child support amounts, you will be entitled to seek a modification of your child support order through the court.

Please note that Ohio’s Child Support Enforcement Agency has indicated that it will not adjust child support figures through Administrative Review or Administrative Orders IF the sole reason for modification is the change in the support guidelines. If any of the other traditional conditions for modification exist (3 years have elapsed, increase or decrease in income, change in health insurance payments, etc), then you will be able to request an Administrative review (and hopefully a modification) of your current child support order through CSEA.

This download contains:

  1. The Ohio Child Support Guideline Manual (Draft)
  2. Sole/Shared Parenting Worksheet (Draft)
  3. Split Parenting Worksheet (Draft)
  4. 2019 Ohio Child Support Calculation Tables (Draft)

As indicated, all of these forms are currently in DRAFT form. The final versions of these forms have not been issued yet.  Accordingly, any calculations you make from these documents is subject to change once the final documents are issued. However, I anticipate that any further changes to the tables will be minor changes, and calculations using these documents will be a good approximation of the actual numbers that will be in place on March 28, 2019.

To download a copy of the current drafts of the Guideline Manual and child support tables, please enter your name and email address.

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